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Pre-G/Geneva Heights PTA Polar Plunge Challenge

Brrrrr, it's cold in here! There must be a cougar cub in the atmosphere!!!

Get ready for our inaugural, COOL new event, the Pre-G/Geneva Heights PTA Polar Plunge which kicks off Feb. 1stBy participating in Pre-G’s Polar Plunge you’re helping support stipends to all classroom teachers and special staff to enrich the students’ classroom experience. Monies will go toward items to enhance online learning, curriculum and song books for art and dance integration, or simple things like puppets and instruments to engage the kiddos. We all know these are materials our kiddos need but did you know that many of our teachers and staff end up paying for some of these items out of their own pocket?!? Let's help them save their hard-earned dollars by breaking out those speedo's, goggles, nose plugs and swim caps. We're ready to plunge our support!

Here is the gist, you can challenge your fellow Pre-G members, friends, family to take the plunge for $25/nomination paid to Pre-Geneva Association. You can even nominate a Geneva Heights teacher (from the approved list below) or Principal Ruiz by contributing to their Polar Plunge Pot. After you have paid for your nomination it's time to tell your nominee to take the plunge and film their plunge as "proof" and post it to social media (or email us), tagging Pre-G and using #PreGPolarPlunge2021.

This event is open to everyone - members and non- members, even your grandmother in Idaho! Don't get cold feet...this is a socially distant activity so take the plunge today! We're confident you'll want to jump (or dive) right in! More details and FAQs are below. 

*Due to the overwhelming support and enthusiasm we've seen from our plungers to date, we met our initial $2,000 fundraising goal for teacher stipends. Thank YOU for your support. 

However, in light of these recent winter storm, we recognize there are a lot of community organizations that can use our support so we’ve created a “stretch goal.” Any future donations that come in over our goal, which we’ve already met, will go directly to local charities. We've also extended the plunging challenge for a few weeks to give us more time to raise  funds. We’re asking our Pre-G community to weigh in with their votes of where we should direct our funds. We’ll pick one or two community organizations to support. Please visit our social sites to vote in our poll.  We're up to the challenge to raise even more money to help take care of a few local charities in addition to our beloved Geneva Heights teachers. In short, our Pre-G and GH fams rock!!! 

Date: Feb. 1st - first few weeks of March

**we have updated our deadline due to the crazy Polar Vortex we experienced and now we're raising additional money to support a few local charities impacted by storm. Vote on our social pages

Location/Time: any time and any "body of water" - dive into a pool, fill up a kiddie pool with ice cold water and take a dunk, use a hose...whenever and whatever is convenient for you!

 Challenge Accepted? You're Plunging Awesome! 

Fill out the form below to nominate and donate today! 


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Nominations: Nominate a minimum of ONE (1) person for $25 (that you pay, not them), but please don’t stop there. You can nominate as many folks as you’d like to see take the Polar Plunge. You can even nominate Principal Ruiz to take the plunge (details below for getting this Golden Cougar to take the plunge)! Please fill out the nomination form with your payment and then reach out to your nominee with a video on social telling them you’re challenging them to take the Polar Plunge Challenge. Or, email/text your nominee (it’s up to you), and tell them to plunge away, and make sure they record it and post it on social, tagging Pre-G and using #PolarPlunge2021!

Nominating Principal Ruiz or Select Pre-Geneva Coach/Teacher: For those who would like to get Principal Ruiz ($750), Coach Luke ($250) or Mrs. Sikes ($100) involved, you can donate the full amount or make a donation for a portion of $$$ to go toward their total plunge pot.

Taking the Plunge: For those who are challenged to “go for a swim,” you can take the plunge in your own pool, a friend’s pool, a nominated pool (email us at pregenevaassociation@gmail.com and we’ll let you know the address. You will also need to sign a waiver), fill up a kiddie pool to dunk yourself or have someone douse you with a hose. The choice is yours!

Proof of Plunge: Record yourself!!! Please post to your social media page, tag Pre-Geneva Association and use #PreGPolarPlunge2021. If you’re too cool for social media, please send a video of yourself to Jackie at 405-795-9245 or email your video to pregenevaassociation@gmail.com. We’ll add your video to our Facebook and Instagram accounts for you. If you want to make a nomination at the end of your plunge video, that’s great but don’t forget to come back to our nomination page or Venmo us with your nomination. If you’re the nominator, we encourage you to share a video calling out your nominee on your social channels, to help us spread the word about this cool new event and so participants know they’re being challenged. We even included social sharing buttons at the bottom of this page to make it even easier to share this page/info. and include more people in the fun because it's plunging awesome!

Payment: There are a couple different options for you to pay your donation or penalty (which we’re not going to have, amIright?). Pay through the Pre-Geneva website (www.pregeneva.com/polarplunge) with a credit card or we are so "cool" we now have a Venmo account @Pre-GenevaAssociation. Please include the name and email of who you’re nominating and/or how much you’re allocating for your donation toward one of our Geneva Heights Polar Plunge Pots in the notes section.

Pass the Plunge: Be sure to notify your nominee that they have been challenged! Fill out the nomination form and then make a shout out on social challenging your friend to see if they are up for the challenge. It’s up to them to take the Polar Plunge Challenge, if not a Cougar cub might track them down and escort them to the penalty box.

Penalty: Got “cold feet?” We are offering an OUT. Instead of the $25 donation we’re asking for a $50 donation. We’ll be so sad to miss out on you dripping wet in frigid temperatures but thankful for your additional donation. You can make your donation by selecting the “penalty box” donation category below.

What are you Plunging For?: We thought you’d never ask!!! Each plunge is helping raise funds for Geneva Heights teacher stipends so they don’t have to spend their hard earned money on classroom supplies. Let’s face it, our teachers have worked extra hard this year amidst this pandemic so why not take a “quick dip” in February and show them you’re not “too cool for school!”

Happy Plunging!

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