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Upcoming events

    • 01/27/2023
    • 9:00 AM
    • Geneva Heights Elementary

    UPDATE - Address change!  Apologies all, but we had the wrong address in our original note. The correct one is 6606 Ridgecrest Road.

    Calling all Kinder class of 2023 and new-to-the neighborhood kiddos and families - school tours are finally BACK at Geneva Heights Elementary! Come visit the GH temporary campus and take a look around, meet some of our great teachers and learn all about our amazing school and community! 

Past events

09/28/2022 DINE to DONATE - Palmer's Hot Chicken!
08/13/2022 SUNSHINE & SNOW CONES - PreK/Kinder Fams RSVP requested
03/24/2022 Pre-K and Kinder Round Up!
03/03/2022 Pre-G Dine to Donate Postponed to 3/3! It's WINE TIME!!!
11/30/2021 Membership Drive - Peace Pantry Donations & Raffle
10/19/2021 Fall Pre-G Member Meeting
08/14/2021 SUNSHINE & SNOW CONES - RSVP requested
05/20/2021 Pre-G End Of School Year: Member Meeting
05/03/2021 PreG and Interfaith Housing - Clothing Drive
05/03/2021 Spring Cleaning Clothing Drive to Benefit Interfaith Housing
04/29/2021 Internet Safety Training - ZOOM event
04/16/2021 DINE to DONATE
12/19/2020 Dine to Donate with Toasted
12/15/2020 Membership Drive - Peace Pantry Donations & Raffle
12/03/2020 Pre-G Fall Member Meeting
11/19/2020 Dine to Donate with Ziziki's
10/15/2020 Pre-G Pumpkin Contest
06/26/2020 MNO - Socially Distant Edition
06/17/2020 Pre-K/Kinder Zoom Meet & Greet
05/14/2020 Virtual Member Meeting
05/02/2020 Pre-G Family Yoga
04/04/2020 Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Geneva Heights PTA
03/26/2020 Kinder Round-Up Geneva Heights
03/10/2020 March Evening School Tour
02/18/2020 February School Tour
02/12/2020 Dad's Night Out
01/23/2020 Pre-G January Member Meeting
01/15/2020 January Mom's Night Out
01/14/2020 Geneva Heights School Tour
12/10/2019 December School Tour
10/24/2019 Woodrow Homecoming Parade Watch Party
10/16/2019 Mom's Night Out
10/15/2019 Geneva Heights School Evening Tour
10/05/2019 Tossing for Tots (Cornhole Tournament)
09/26/2019 Dad's Night Out
09/18/2019 Mom's Night Out
09/12/2019 Pre G Book Club 3rd Meeting
09/10/2019 Geneva Nights Planning Committee
08/28/2019 Geneva Nights 2020 Committee Kickoff Meeting
08/17/2019 Popsicles on the Porch
08/14/2019 Pre-G Back-to-School Meeting
06/26/2019 Summer Mom's Night Out
05/14/2019 Dad's Night Out
05/09/2019 Mom's Night Out - Personal Safety Class
04/27/2019 Color the Heights Fun Run
03/28/2019 Pre G Dad's Night Out
03/28/2019 DISD School Board Meeting
03/19/2019 Pre-G 2019 Spring Member Meeting
03/05/2019 Geneva Heights Kinder & Pre-K Roundup
02/19/2019 Geneva Heights School Tour
02/06/2019 February Mom's Night Out
01/11/2019 Geneva Nights


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