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Upcoming events

    • 11/30/2021
    • 12:00 AM
    • 12/31/2021
    • 11:59 PM

    Please head over to our Membership Drive 2022 Donation Page which you can find here. Thanks for considering a donation to The Peace Pantry as part of our annual Membership Drive!

    To give you an idea of how far your money will stretch by donating to The Peace Pantry, check this out...

    • $20 provides families with breakfast for over a long break.
    • $25 provides families with snacks for the school week.
    • $100 feeds 2 families for a week.
    • $200 feeds 1 family for a month.
    • $200 can feed 4 families for a week.
    • $1000 feeds 1 family for an entire semester or 5 months.

    Head over to the Membership Drive link above to make your Peace Pantry Donation today, and while you're at it, renew your membership early (or join us if you haven't already!). Thank you for your support of Pre-Geneva and our community!

Past events

10/19/2021 Fall Pre-G Member Meeting
08/14/2021 SUNSHINE & SNOW CONES - RSVP requested
05/20/2021 Pre-G End Of School Year: Member Meeting
05/03/2021 PreG and Interfaith Housing - Clothing Drive
05/03/2021 Spring Cleaning Clothing Drive to Benefit Interfaith Housing
04/29/2021 Internet Safety Training - ZOOM event
04/16/2021 DINE to DONATE
12/19/2020 Dine to Donate with Toasted
12/15/2020 Membership Drive - Peace Pantry Donations & Raffle
12/03/2020 Pre-G Fall Member Meeting
11/19/2020 Dine to Donate with Ziziki's
10/15/2020 Pre-G Pumpkin Contest
06/26/2020 MNO - Socially Distant Edition
06/17/2020 Pre-K/Kinder Zoom Meet & Greet
05/14/2020 Virtual Member Meeting
05/02/2020 Pre-G Family Yoga
04/04/2020 Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Geneva Heights PTA
03/26/2020 Kinder Round-Up Geneva Heights
03/10/2020 March Evening School Tour
02/18/2020 February School Tour
02/12/2020 Dad's Night Out
01/23/2020 Pre-G January Member Meeting
01/15/2020 January Mom's Night Out
01/14/2020 Geneva Heights School Tour
12/10/2019 December School Tour
10/24/2019 Woodrow Homecoming Parade Watch Party
10/16/2019 Mom's Night Out
10/15/2019 Geneva Heights School Evening Tour
10/05/2019 Tossing for Tots (Cornhole Tournament)
09/26/2019 Dad's Night Out
09/18/2019 Mom's Night Out
09/12/2019 Pre G Book Club 3rd Meeting
09/10/2019 Geneva Nights Planning Committee
08/28/2019 Geneva Nights 2020 Committee Kickoff Meeting
08/17/2019 Popsicles on the Porch
08/14/2019 Pre-G Back-to-School Meeting
06/26/2019 Summer Mom's Night Out
05/14/2019 Dad's Night Out
05/09/2019 Mom's Night Out - Personal Safety Class
04/27/2019 Color the Heights Fun Run
03/28/2019 Pre G Dad's Night Out
03/28/2019 DISD School Board Meeting
03/19/2019 Pre-G 2019 Spring Member Meeting
03/05/2019 Geneva Heights Kinder & Pre-K Roundup
02/19/2019 Geneva Heights School Tour
02/06/2019 February Mom's Night Out
01/11/2019 Geneva Nights


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